Greetings and the gist of why I’m here

Hello there. Very nice of you to pop by. May this be the first of many visits you make to my new blog.

August last year I was diagnosed with autism (ASD level one, to be precise). It came as a shock, I must admit. To be a somewhat self assured 42 year old woman, and finding out one is not what one thinks one is…or who one is. The hardest part is fianally laying down the hope I’ll ever be ‘normal’. Yes, I know you are keen to delve immediately into the semantics of normal. I’ll get to all that later. Right now, I am setting the scene as to why you might bother to read my blog.

There is a lot I have to get off my chest, confess, complain about and express. Most of my posts will be autism related, but I may need to discuss haemophilia, perfumes and the occassional deep topic. I will try to be as coherent as possible, but I warn you that I do have some communication difficulties. I may wander off, or I may just allow emotion to drive my words.

I am a mothe

Hello and an introduction

This is the post excerpt.

Thank you for coming by. I am a middle aged woman and I was diagnosed with ASD level 1 about 6 months ago. I have two children I shall refer to as H and D, both boys. H is on the spectrum and D is about to be assessed. I hail from The Land Down Under and I consider myself a jack of too many trades, and a master of absolutely none.

This blog is about me making sense of autism and untangling my messy life to get to a point where I can move forward more confidently. I sure don’t want another 40 something years like the ones I’ve had. Something has to give, and sadly, it is my beliefs, understandings and notions I’ve had of myself. When I turn to face my past, all I see is a lifelong series of faux pas, burning of bridges and serious social gaffes.

There is another medical/genetic issue my small family contends with – haemophilia. I am a mild symptomatic carrier and D is a severe haemophiliac. It is important I mention this because a lot of our antithesis approach to it is certainly coloured by our autism. You’ll see what I mean as I post more.

I’ve called this “kaption this” because I’d like you to make up your mind and bring your own ideas to my posts, and it is a play on names. An inside joke, sorry.

At times, my words may be out of synch and ideas all over the place. I am not very patient with editing, but I will endeavour to proof my posts for ease of flow, coherence, typos and to gauge my emotions to it. I may write, but delete it all. I’ll see. I’ll try to be more forthcoming than my emotions allow. Communication is one of my biggest issues when it pertains to my engaging with others.

Snapshot of issues I intend to discuss:

*face blindness

*difficulties in understanding emotions

*communication – written and my regular non verbal state

*physical clumsiness





*where to from here…